Imagine if information could be easily organized so you can find what you need when you need it

It would make your job easier, wouldn’t it?

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) enables you to easily scan, store, secure, share and retrieve your business’s content

What is business content?

Business content comes in many forms, like incoming applications and correspondence. Incoming content is filled with information about customers. Some of it you have requested, while other information is filled in voluntarily. All of it is vitally important for understanding and serving customers. Content could be in the form of outbound communications, such as statements, bills, notifications, announcements, change of service letters, updates, sales literature, and quarterly reports. Outbound content is how your organization speaks to your customers  so it is important to get this right – to maintain the right tone, and provide accurate information. Content can be in the form of reports, plans, presentations, contracts, spreadsheets, images and videos that make up the many ways that organizations and teams collaborate to get work done. And, content can be in the form of records, reports, and legal cases about how we document every aspect of the business for compliance with regulations and for Best Practices.

Business content is everywhere and is critical to every organization yet it is often stored in a variety of different systems or scattered across shared drives, making it hard to find and control. An automated ECM solution enables you to easily scan, store, secure, share and retrieve your business's content. 

Benefits of an automated ECM solution include:

  • Improving employee efficiency by eliminating low-value tasks, creating time to provide higher service levels to customers
  • Setting up rules and conditions to route documents for action
  • Saving money by reducing the cost of physical storage and printing, improving productivity and enhancing service delivery
  • having the tools to automate document retention policies and security, finding missing documents and automating processes enabling staff to focus on quality assurance

Ready to get organized?

Start by deciding how to roll out the solution by first evaluating your organization’s priorities. Is it to share documents and information across the organization?  If you need to, start with one or two departments and scale up as budgets allow. If reducing the volume of paper is your primary goal, consider starting with paper-heavy departments. Need to relieve departments that have experienced cuts in budget or staff, yet face the same workload? Implementing ECM there first can eliminate printing, filing, copying and paper-related tasks, saving the department money and time. Do you need to establish immediate credibility for the ECM technology? Human Resources is a good place to start because many applications have a cross-departmental impact exposing staff to the benefits of ECM.

The solution is scalable, can meet each department’s specific needs and can also grow – as your users expand- to maximize your savings and the reach of your document repository.


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