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Paperless Solutions

Paperless Solutions

Studies have shown that it costs a business an average of $250* to recreate a lost document. How much is it costing you?

Our Capture Solution quickly and accurately extracts the important information while identifying key data, increasing workplace efficiency, and reducing errors.  Our solutions can also help reduce labor and IT costs simultaneously.  Go paperless and stop wasting time and money searching for that "lost" document.

The benefits of going paperless are so much more than just decluttering an office.

  • Improved productivity: Reduce or eliminate time spent handling, storing, retrieving, distributing, and destroying paper. 
  • Completeness of Data: Artificial Intelligence Processing searches hand completed and digital forms for missing data, alerting your staff of problems and errors before they become a compliance or legal issue.
  • Automated Processing: Forms can be processed and scanned from anywhere, including mobile devices. Fairfax Data Systems can also help your organization process forms electronically to a common, searchable, cloud database. Automated processing helps reduce both filing errors and labor costs.
  • Finding key information more quickly: Give your management team instant access to statistics and KPIs to help improve efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer and employee satisfaction: Accessing digital documents accelerate decision-making through automatic routing.  The opportunity for files to go into limbo, become lost, or misplaced is eliminated.  Fairfax can help optimize your processing, filing and retrieval process to gain maximum performance where your users need it.

Our solutions help manage your business processes and cases by offering:

  • Quick and Easy Access to Content - Access your content from simple searching and never ‘lose’ another document.
  • "Off the Shelf" Functionality.  Hundreds of ‘out of the box’ actions and rule sets accelerate application development.
  • Enriched Mobility (iOS and Android apps enable developers to embed mobile functionality into most devices)
  • Supports multi-channel capture by processing documents on scanners, mobile devices, MFP’s or fax.
  • Accuracy (Multi-channel capabilities process documents with barcodes, machine-printed text, hand-written text and check boxes to increase speed and accuracy)
  • User Friendly Interface -"Windows" look and feel ensures early adoption from key knowledge workers.

*Source: Inc. Magazine.


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